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Differences Between Divorce Decrees and Divorce Certificates

A divorce certificate and decree show some of the same information about the divorce, but the documents come from teo diffrernt places and often serve different purposes. The state vital statistics bureau, commomly a part of the state health department, issues divorce certificates, where a dcree is available from the court that granted the divorce.

Divorce Certificate: A divorce certificate usually names both spouses, as well as the date and place the divorce was granted-but typically no other information. Divorce certificate serve as proof the couple is no longer married. State laws vary with regard to who, other than the spouses involved or their attorneys, is allowed to get a copy of a divorce certificate. A divorced person may use a certificate as evidence of the divorce for various legal purposes. For example, a divorced person may need a certificate for the state motor vehicle department if she wants to change her married name on her license

Divorce Decree: A divorce decree has the same information the divorce certificate does and summarized information from the divorce judgment. This document is signed by the judge and part of the divorce case file. Decrees also state the basic facts of the divorce and the court case nunber. For example, if one spouse was awarded spousal support, the decree will state which spouse pays and how much. all the terms of the divorce, such as child custody and property division, are outlind in the decree, as well as other issues the parties agreed on or the judge decided. Only one of the spouses involved or their attorney may request a decree copy in most cases. A divorced person may need the decree to check the divorce terms or to file an action in court that relates to the decree, such as a petition for modification of the original spousal support.

       How to Get a Free Copy of Divorce Records
Whenever parties are involved in a divorce action, the court clerk will create a permanent record of every document filed by the attorneys or parties that represented themselves. Thanks to the new wave in court technology, most record searches can be conducted online. How ever, in some instances a request will have to be conducted in person or via mail.

     What is a Temporary Divorce Certificate?
Some courts issue temporary divorce certificate- which may be referred to as legal separation certificate when a couple has petitioned for divorce proceedings have been initiated and may help provide the dovumentation when changing your name, changing the name on bills or responding to debt collectors looking for your spouse. A temporary divorce certificate is not the same thing as final divorce decree.

Marriage Certificate
Certificate of marriage is a document, which provides valuable evidence of marriage. Certificate of marriage is a document providing social security, self-confidence particularly among woman. Certificate of marriage is usefull in getting the Visa for the wife/husband.

Benefits of Marriage Certificate.

Marital Tax Deduction: Unlimited marital tax deduction is the biggest tax benefit a married couple can receive, Blank Rome LLP matrimonial lawyer and partner Dylan S. Mitchell says, “You can transfer an unlimited amount of assets to your spouse at any time, free from tax. That also includes leaving assets in your estate to your spouse without estate or gift tax subjection” And just to clarify, gift tax, as defined by the IRS, is a tax on the transfer of property by one individual to another while receiving nothing, or less than full value, in return. So, basically, a gift is giving property or maney without expecting to receive equal value in return.

Inheritance Benefits: A spouse can inherit an entire estate without tax consequences. “If the couple is not married, there will be taxes,’ Rower says. And if there’s no will, a spouse dies intestate-meaning a person passed away without making a legal will.

Health and Employment Benefits: If you are married, you can usually get your spouse’s health insurance and get a family rate. This is helpfull when one spouse may not have health insurance through their own employer or isn’t currently employed.

Paternity Child Benefits: If any issues ever arise over the paternity of a child with a married couple, the married couple may have lees of an issue. “If a child is born in New York state to a married couple, there’s virtually no issue of paternity,”

Leave Benefits: Through your employer you can usually take a family leave if your spouse is sick, or bereavement leave if your spouse or someone in your spouse’s immediate family passes away.

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