Marriage and Divorce Certificate

                                       HOW TO GET REAL MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE CERTIFICATES ONLINE.

MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE: A marriage certificate is an official statement  that two or more peoply are married, in most cases a married certificate is issued by a Government  official only after the civil registration of the marriage. In some jurisdictions, especially in the United States, a marriage certificate is the official record that two peoply have undertaken a marriage ceremony. This includes jurisdictions where marriage licenses do not exist in the other jurisdictions, a marriage license serves a dual purpose of granting permission for a marriage to take place and then endorsing the documents to record the fact that the marriage has been performed.

A marriage certificate may be required  for a number of reasons it may be required as evidence of change of the party’s name, on issues of legitimacy of a child during divorce proceeding, or as part of a genealogical history, besides other purposes

DIVORCE CERTIFICATE: There are two types of divorce record.

-Divorce Decree is the document prepared by the court, setting forth the terms and conditions of the divorce. It is signed by the judge  and filed with the county clerk of the county where the decree was isuied.

-Divorce certificate is the document issued by state Department of health confirming the fact of divorce granted on or after a certian date. The Divorce Certificate contains basic informations about the husband and wife, and the date and place the marriage ended.

If the document is to be use in a foreign country it has to be authenticated for foreign use . This is a process in which various seals  are placed on the document. The legalization procedure basically depends on one factor:whether the target country has join the convention Abolishing the Requirement of legalization required for foreign public documents. In this case the only legalization required  is an Apostille certificate. A document bearing an Apostille is valid in Hague countries. Many countries have not join the Hague convention, if the document is intended for a none-Hague country the consular legalization will be required. Before the consulate or the embassy  can stamp the document , the document has to be authenticated on the state and federal levels, Only certified copies of divorce decree and divorce certificate can be legalized for use in foreign countries, Notarized or computer generated copies are not accepted.



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