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Having dual Citizenship means having two types of Passport. It is an advantage to travel with the two passport. In most cases, the person who have a second passport may choose which passport he$she wants to use in traveling to a foriegn country. A second Passport can help to increase your personal and economical freedom, it may also decrease your reliance on one Government own you. No one should be forced to be a slave in his or her country. Throughout history,goverments have used citizenship as a tool of econmic enslavement, rather than a cherished gift. Not only can a second passport help enhance your freedom, but it can help you leave a better lifr for your children and their children, by giving your children a second passport in the best countries among the world, other reason some Americans consider obtaining a second passport to prepare for future expatriation, as the United States is the only country on earth to impose world wide taxation based not on resident, but on citizenship. Americans are being excluded from lucrative investments and even the ability to open foreign bank accounts just for carrying a US passport. Most peoply carry only one citizenship and one passport, leaving them vulneralble to capital controls or restrictions of theire movements.

By acquiring a second passport, you can achieve the peace of mind that you always have another place to turn to. A second passport gives you an escape hatch in times of economic or political choose. Your country currency collapses thanks to bad decisions by your government. Inflation runs rampant. Looters take to the street, forcing an ongaing state of emergency to be declared. Soon, martial law prevails and the government lowers the boom. If your country is in a period of chaos, ypu may not be able to travel. Who will give you refuge?

With a second passport, you will have more options. While some might suggest that having one passport makes you a slave to more than one place, a second passport actually allows you to engage in what i call { Government arbitrage} pitting government against each other to compete over you. One of the greatest examples of this is in Nazi Germany when jews had their passports stameped with large “j”s to make them easily identifiable by officials. Game over. Some jews were able to get second passport at Purchase Real And Fake Documents through offshore connections, but most were left with few options.

Recently, citizens of arab spring countries attempted to escape the chaos around them, but were turned away from most safe havens becouse of where they were coming from. When things heat up at home, many other countries won’t want to help you. As with anything else, it is better to be prepared than to seek preparations once it’s too late. Now is your chance to get a second passport at Purchase Real And Fake Documents.

Which second passport is the best, this is a hard question to answer. The reality is that in today’s era of greedy Governments gone wild, almost any backup citizenship can potentially save your life. When considering your passport options, consider:
– The quality of the travel documents. Of course, passports vary widely in their usability around the world. Get a second Chinese passport and you may open many doors for investment in Asia, but you’ll enjoy visa free to travel to some few countries. The best passport in terms of visa-free travel comes from Europe, Finland, Norway, the United Kingdom, and most European Union countries enjoy visa-free travel to the United States and many other countries and of course, all of Europe. Coveted passports can be hard to obtain unless you are born in such country or have ancestors from there.

-Financial opportunities. While a United States passport allows you to travel to many countries without a visa, it is increasingly closing doors for investment overseas. Each month, more offshore banks decide to shut out Americans in order to avoid compliance with laws like FATCA. Additionally, Americans investors are precluded from many international investments becouse the US SEC has mde it clear that they will pursue investment funds that allow US citizens to participate. Make sure your second passport offers you financial flexibility to spend and invest your monry as you please.

-Civic Obligations. Some countries, such as Singapore and Isreal, require military service of their citizens.

-Tax Obligations. Ideally, you should be able to be a citizen of a country but not live there and not have to pay taxes or even file a tax return there. The United States is essentially the only country that taxes it citizens based on their worldwide income. Even if you have never live in the land of free, you may be required to pay taxes if you obtained American citizenship from birth. While no other major countries have established such citizenship-based taxation yet, it is possible that large yet bankrupt countries may seek to do the same in the fature. On the other hand Paraguay is unlikely to decide to impose such laws on its citizens, nor does it likely have the resouces to do so for its citizens.

-Respect for the issuing country. While an American passport is good for a lot of things, it may not be your first choice to have if you are stranded in a situation where Americans are a target. The same goes for Israeli passport holders. Liechenstein, on the other hand, is likely to raise anyone’s ire. The goal is to find the best blend of respect( or indifference) for the issuing country.

-Ability to hold multiple citizenships. A Singapore is an excellent travel documents and its holders enjoy excellent tax laws. However, Singapore forbids dual citizenship and requires you to renounce any existing citizenship before becoming Singaporean. It also terminates Singaporean citizenship if you obtain another passport thereafter. This can cause problems when trying to achieve true internationalization becouse it once again limits you to once country. The ideal passport allows you to keep your existing nationality as well as obtain additional later.

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