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Test of English as a foreign language( TOEFL is standardized test to measure the English language ability of non-native speakers wishing to enroll in English speaking universities. The test is accepted by many English-speaking academic and professional institutions. TOEFL is one of the two major English-Language test in the world, the other being IELTS Certificate. If you are willing to buy original TOEFL Certificates online,then hit our agency today and get the job done in a conveneit manner.

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Since its introduction in late 2005, the TOELF internet-based Test(IBT) format has progressively replaced the computer-based test (CBT) and paper-based test (PBT) although paper-based testing is still used in select areas. The TOEFL IBC test has been introduced in phases, with the United State, Canada, France, Germany, and Italy in 2005 and the rest of the world in 2006, with test centers added regulary. The CBT was discontinued in september 2006 and these scores no longer valid.

Initially, the demand for test seats was higher than availability, and candidates had wait for months. It is now possible to take the test within one to four weeks in most countries. Hit your order to buy TOELF Certificate or IELTS Certificate at Purchase real and fake documents without exams from our company and expect the delivery for the same in short period. Put in your request for this certificate now.

       IELTS And TOELF Know The Advantages?

IELTS and TOLFL are the two most important tests for an aspirant planning to study abroad. Both these tests evaluate a candidate’s English Language proficiency and are accepted not just by universities abroad but also by various organizations including immigration departments. Now, there is always a question of which one is better. Well, both IELTS and TOELF Certificates have their advantages and both the tests are similar in terms of acceptance and broad evaluation. However, as a candidate you may decide to take either of the two tests based on the requirements of the organisation you are applying to. Also, many foreign Universities accept both IELTS and TOELF. Thus, it is advisable to attempt the one which is most convenient for you. But, how do you out about the advantages one has over the other?

-TEST STYLE: The most significant difference between IELTS and TOEFL is that the former arranges one-on-one interactions between a test-taker and an examiner to test the conversational capability of the test taker while the latter is a computerized test in which the test-taker’s voice is taped and analysed by more than one examiner. You can thus take either of the two tests depending on your comfort level. If you are confident that a direct interaction with the examiner can earn you more points then you should opt for IELTS.

However, if you think that a computerized testing of your conversational ability will be best and free from any human interference, you can opt for TOEFL.

-SCORING: Although, the pattern and syllabus of both IELTS and TOEFL are similar, their scoring system differs. While TOEFL has a scoring range of 0-120, IELTS uses the 9-band system to evaluate a candidate. While, the yardstick of measurement is same in both the tests, the output differs in terms of acceptance by universities. In that case, it helps to understand the comparative points between the two tests.

-PLACE OF STUDY: One of the most important factors which you should consider while taking an IELTS or TOEFL test is the university where you would be applying to. TOEFL, organized by the ETS, is accepted in most American universities and across 165 countries, while IELTS conducted by the British Council is accepted in over 135 countries, including the UK. So, if you plan to study in one of the ivy league colleges in the USA, make sure you sit for TOEFL. However, many institutes and organizations accept scores of both the tests. The difference in acceptance will be the comparative degrees of score and band.

-FORMAT: A very significant point of difference between IELTS and TOEFL is that IELTS has been divided in terms of the purpose of the test taker. IELTS Test is conducted in two versions – IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. While those who want to pursue UG or PG degree or join a professional organisation can take the academic test, the general training test is taken by those who want to undertake work-related training in an English-speaking country. These customized versions make it easier for candidates as it is generally observed that the general test version is easier compared to the academic format. In the case of TOEFL, candidates are required to take the same test irrespective of their purpose.

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